What kind of business activities are allowed to recommend?

You`re allowed to recommend all business activities which don`t need a permission or licence and which are not illegal. Consulting and selling of normal products is permitted. Illegal is all kind of drug-selling, weapons, human trafficking, money laundering, financial transactions. The value per Transaction is not allowed to exceed 9999.- € (Ninethousandninehundredninetynine Euros).

How is the commission paid?          

The commission will be paid to our bank account. Alternatively we recommend the use of PrePaid-Cards

Are there taxes on the commission?

The commissions have to be taxed in your country of residence. Please ask your local tax advisor for more information

When the commission is paid?        

As soon as the recommended company or person pays our invoice you will receive your commission in 5 days.

Is there a customer service?

Yes, kindly contact our customer service by clicking here. We are here to help.

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